Revitalize Local People & Businesses!

"We don't know what to do from now on."
Until a little while ago, local industries and traditional crafts were blessed with stable demand, and a long-term management strategy might not have been necessary.
But the social situation always changes.
We would like to revitalize local industries, traditional crafts, and the those people and companies. For this purpose, we will dig up the potential of people and companies, and add modern and global knowledge to find values that can contribute to society. We sincerely believe that this new value will be a bridge between industry and culture, and will lead to a prosperous society in which the people and companies engaged will be active.

Isono Revitalizing Office is a "Business Strategy Office" that creates a place where people engaged with local industries and traditional crafts can be active.Ken Isono
Isono Revitalizing Office

President / Certified Management Consultant Ken IsonoAs a "Local industry Co-developer" who walks with people in local industries, we provide management consulting services that value people and their thoughts.
Since our founding, we have been highly recognized by numerous companies and organizations focusing on local industries and traditional crafts in Shiga Prefecture, and are working on management strategies to regain pride and vitality to people and companies.